Guardian Software Version 2.1

by Isensix
Guardian Software Version 2.1


The Newest and most secure version of Guardian has arrived.

Isensix monitors the system for you. We detect privileged user access and Isensix Support may ask you to verify users in certain instances. Isensix IT also monitors the Red Hat Security Advisories (RHSA) mailing list and will take action in the event they identify a potential risk for the system.

NOTE: Isensix NEVER updates any software without prior written authorization from a customer.

Our newest version of Guardian software (Ver 2.1) concentrates heavily on security enhancements:

  • By default the application has HTTPS enabled
  • Enhanced security with using access tokens for Requests
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Prevention
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • Detection of hack attempts (with IP-ban of attacker)
  • Enhanced parameter checking for all requests,
    including access rights (with IP ban)
  • Scanning of uploads (PNG, SVG, PDF)
  • Encrypted tokens (CSRF)
  • Secure cookies (HTTPS) and HSTS headers