by Isensix

Simple. Accurate. Always Ready. 24/7 Wireless Temperature Monitoring At The Touch Of A Button

24/7 Wireless Temperature Monitoring At The Touch Of A Button

The Guardian difference starts with its ability to easily scale, adapt and meet the needs of any facility environment. It’s also the first of its kind to capture and report complex environmental data directly from the unit, providing instant documentation of personnel, events and corrective actions. Equipped with unique wireless sensors, Guardian lets facilities move equipment or entire areas without disrupting software configuration. And as a complete end-to-end solution for your facilities temperature monitoring needs,  Guardian by Isensix safeguards your operation, while giving you – total peace of mind.


What Makes Guardian So Special?

  • • Risk mitigation
  • Cost effective
  • Seamless integration
  • Accurate
  • Superior, 24/7 protection


Single Point of Control = Less Risk

  • • Only monitoring system with a key pad to address issues on the spot

  • • Competitive products may alert, but you have to develop a report of the incident at a computer in order to document.

  • • Guardian touch pad allows you to document by touch, at the source

    • • Enter your PIN code (documents who and what time)

    • • Enter Reason Code (pre-programmed)

    • • Complete Audit Trail

Fail-Safe Power Source

  • • Hard wired w/Battery backup

  • • Battery-powered for certain types optimized to maximize power


  • • System can be configured to work in any facility
  • • Minimal set-up disruption