Custom Applications

Remote Contacts
0-5, 0-10vDC

Isensix also develops custom sensors and interface solutions



0% to 25% O2
+/- 3% accuracy

Use to Monitor Oxygen Levels in Rooms or Incubators

Custom Sensor Applications

Relative Humidity

0% to 100%
+/- 2% accuracy

Use in Room or Incubator Humidity Applications

Ln2 sensor

Liquid Nitrogen Units

-200°C to -90°C
+/- 1°C accuracy
0.1°C resolution 

Use to Monitor Cryogenic Storage Tanks


Carbon Dioxide

0% to 20%
+/- 2% of the reading range


Use to Monitor CO2 in Incubators

Incubator Sensor

Door Access

Trigger or Monitor the open or closed
status of doors

Use to Monitor Appliances, Entryways, Medicine Storage Cabinets, Drawers, etc.

Room Temperature Sensor


Measure horizontal, side-to-side motion
up to 120 movements per minute.

Use to Monitor Movement of Platelet Shakers, Centrifuges, etc.

Tc sensor

High Temperature Sensors

50°C to 105°C
+/- 0.5°C accuracy
0.1°C resolution

Thermocyclers (DNA replication), Hot Water Baths, Blanket Warmers, Ovens

Refrigerator Sensor

Temperature Sensors

-90°C to 50°C
+/- 0.5°C accuracy
0.1°C resolution

Ultra Cold, Regrigerator/Freezer, Room, Incubators & Heat Blocks