Q: When do I upgrade my current Isensix hardware to the new Guardian model?”

A: The Guardian product line works seamlessly with all existing Isensix models. There has been no End of Life for ARMS hardware. We will continue to offer parts and support for non-Guardian models and will phase in Guardian replacements over time in correlation to your service agreement.  No Isensix product will lose functionality and no customer will be required to make the transition.

Q: How easily can Guardian be configured to meet the special needs of my operations?

A: Guardian is highly configurable, and can be tailored to meet virtually any need and set of standard operating procedures. You and your staff define the parameters per compliance standards, and the Isensix team will work closely with your staff to configure the system so that it meets your specifications.

Q: How does the system notify me if a critical problem occurs and I’m away from the facility?

A: A key feature of Guardian's interface system is the Remote Event Notification. These features are fully configurable to suit your alarm notification specifications. In the event that your staff is not able to correct an adverse event at your facility, Guardian will notify you via pager, e-mail, and/or mobile phone text messaging.

Q: What additional construction costs will we incur to install Guardian’s interface system?

A: None. In the vast majority of cases, Guardian's interface system can be deployed without any modification to your facilities. We do not need to pull cable or wire, or drill through walls or equipment. We can reach anyplace your existing TCP/IP network reaches.

Q: How quickly will we realize the benefits of Guardian’s interface system?

A: Immediately. Most customers are surprised to learn that many of their storage units are operating out of their intended range and running inefficiently. Many institutions take temperature readings only once or twice per day and any fluctuations in between these readings go undetected. On the other hand, Guardian interface system measures temperature several times per minute. It will then quickly and clearly reveal all the issues and trends with your monitored equipment so that immediate corrective action can be taken. The interface system provides immediate peace-of-mind derived from a high level of confidence and comfort in the integrity of your systems and equipment, as well as very tangible benefits realized from enhanced operating efficiency.

Q: With extremely tight budget constraints at our facility, is the system scalable?

A: Guardian is highly scalable, so a participating facility may install anywhere between 30 and 500+ sensors. Therefore, the pricing is equally flexible to accommodate both single stand-alone locations, as well as institutions with locations worldwide. We offer financial options such as purchasing or licensing to fit every budget and need.

Q: Will Guardian’s interface system interfere with our existing hospital equipment?

A: The FCC-approved interface system operates in a hospital-approved frequency band. It was specifically and optimally designed to avoid interfering with existing medical-related equipment. The Isensix technical team will work closely with your technical staff to ensure that the interface system will not affect existing equipment or patient's medical devices.